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What is Sports Hospitality?

Updated: Mar 5, 2018

Sports Hospitality refers to programmes designed for corporate officials or VIPs to watch or play sporting events. The most popular sporting events such as football matches are commonly used for the programmes but in fact any sports, for example tennis and golf, can also be good choices depending on the guests’ interests and the characteristics of the country where the programmes take place.

While having the exciting and relaxing time during the matches, the guests get to having the opportunities to strengthen the bonds between each other and to naturally talk about their businesses in a good mood. For this reason, Sports Hospitality has been used as a PR and marketing tool for a long time by many corporates and it’s becoming even more and more popular following the growth of the sports industry.

Bridge International's Sports Hospitality

Bridge International has been organising Sports Hospitality programmes since 2010 for the guests from over 10 countries. Our programmes include not only sporting events but also sightseeing, local experiences, fine dining and comfortable vehicles so that the guests feel the best throughout the journey.

(Photo by Bridge International)

If you’re interested in offering Sports Hospitality events to someone important to your business, Bridge International Group can organise everything for you. Learn more about our sports marketing service and don’t hesitate to book a free consultation.

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