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Delegation Visit from Korea Energy Agency

Updated: Mar 5, 2018

Delegation of KEA (Korea Energy Agency) visited the UK for case studies and Bridge International was tasked with the overall organisation.

(Photo by Bridge International)

KEA has continually been striving to overcome national challenges such as the recent power-shortage problems, high oil prices and climate change issues while delivering on their commitments to transform the nation into a low-carbon, energy-efficient society. They planned to strengthen its on-going function, including the establishment of a sustainable efficiency and demand-side management system, the active development of renewable energy, and response to climate change.

As to step further KEA planned to visit the UK to study the advanced cases and technology. Particularly being interested in clean, green and sustainable energy KEA keenly wished to visit and meet the representatives from some institutes to learn about what they had achieved and share any knowledge and experiences.

What Bridge International Did

As the organiser of this programme we managed the task by identifying the suitable organisations for the case studies, organising the visits, arranging the meetings and providing interpretation. Whilst the whole itinerary was managed by us, we made sure to include a little bit of excursion as well such as sightseeing, so the delegation could enjoy the exciting business trip even more!

Partnership between KEA and BRE

(Richard Hardy, Managing Director of BRE Global and In-Teak Kim, Manager of Korea Energy Agency signing the MOU. Photo by Bridge International)

The best part was when KEA and one of the organisations we visited - BRE (Building Research Establishment) signed an MOU for technical cooperation and information exchange about greenhouse gas reduction and efficient energy management. We were very pleased to help this meaningful event to happen.

Broaden your Knowledge and Experience in Asia

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